Junk Removal Spokane WA

Local Junk Removal

Local Junk removal services are not just for household items, but they can also be used for commercial purposes. These services can be used for removing any type of debris, including furniture, construction materials, appliances, electronic devices, tires, etc. All these things should be disposed of properly, especially if they are hazardous wastes.

You may need the help of professional junk removal service providers who know how to dispose of various types of material in the best way possible. NW Junk Removal specializes in local junk removal services and would love the opportunity to give you a free quote. 


House Clean Out Removal

Looking for house clean out service? When you hire NW Junk removal for full house clean out service,  we will remove everything except hazardous waste, from large furniture and appliances to boxes of clothes and bags full of trash. We’ll also work to get the job done quickly, allowing you to move forward with your other obligations.

Whether you need to remove a few large items or several truckloads of trash, NW Junk Reoval can help you with your house cleanup requirements. We’re committed to delivering the safest & most efficient junk removal services while taking care to avoid any damage to the property


Appliance & Furniture Removal 

When you move out of an apartment or house, you often leave behind some old appliances, furniture and other debris. We understand not everyone is equipped to move large appliances and furniture and disposing old furniture and appliances can be a taunting process. 

NW Junk Removal provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly appliance removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items. Not only that, but we make sure that your old appliances end up in the right place. As long as there’s no hazardous material involved, we can take just about any piece of furniture or appliance you can think of! Items we’ll recycle, donate or dispose of for you include

Yard Waste Removal

We offer our professional yard junk removal & hauling services to homeowners in and around Spokane, Washington. Regularly maintaining your yard likely means you’re regularly amassing a pile of debris.  Large-scale debris removal is our business — we specialize in full-area cleanouts.

NW Junk Removal can help you keep your curb appeal with quick, convenient, and eco-friendly yard debris removal service. Our yard debris disposal services save you the time and hassle of doing this tedious job yourself. You can also avoid injuries resulting from moving sharp, heavy, bulky objects.


Demolition Services

We specialize in selective demolition. We work closely with the home owner and contractors to make sure that all work is done with superior quality and efficiency. 

We specialize in interior demolition as well as exterior and facade demolition. We also provide minor site work demolition.

Whether we are talking about residential or commercial buildings, demolition is something many people don’t want to think about or do. But if you’re looking to get rid of unwanted structures or debris, you’ll want to call NW Junk Removal to help with your demolition project.  

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